Don’t Forgot How To Take Photos
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As a photographer, we should want to capture moments of everyday.

Now, I didn’t really forget how to take a photo but merely making the point that I believe we can get so caught up in taking the ‘perfect’ photo for our portfolio that it begins to dampen or completely stop us from doing what we enjoy. Taking photos. We stop getting our camera out of the bag because what we capture has to be good enough to share on our social sites. However, I personally enjoy following other professionals that share more about who they are and what they like on their social sites. They share photos they enjoy taking that is outside of their genre of expertise.

So, what can help with this if you find yourself dealing with this issue?

  1. Build a website

    Sure, your potential clients could be looking at your Instagram account to see if you are the right fit but ultimately a website should be the platform you build to share your best work. Those portfolios that you want to market for new opportunities.

  2. Don’t change your editing style

    Just because you take a picture outside of your genre of choice, try and still use the same editing style regardless of what you shoot. This also helps keep your Instagram feed more consistent visually if that is what you desire.

  3. Think less, shoot more

    The minute you see something in your day that catches your attention and you think ‘I want to take a picture of that’ stop right there. Think no more about it and grab your camera and snap the picture.

  4. Use your phone

    The one camera that is always with you.

I know this is another subjective subject but my goal is to challenge your thinking and to spark your creativity. Documenting the world around you with a camera is so rewarding and it is where we started before the filters began to affect how and what we shoot.

The next time you see something that captures your attention, don’t think any further, grab the camera you have with you at the time, and take the shot.



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