We Appreciate The Process Of An Artist
New York City Wall Art-0001-Brian Suman Photography.jpg

So, why do I like this picture?

Not because it is anything spectacular but because it says something more to me. There is more to tell in this image then just a guy painting a wall and what you don’t see is the crowd that stood nearby waiting to see the artist’s final spray to complete his process.

When we see the process of how someone makes art, we appreciate the final result more.

It might be the reason why we like behind-the-scenes stuff, or we stand behind-the-scenes in the case of the mural artist, or why vlogging has become so popular. We get to see more of the artist and how they work is that is where we can learn the most. Not only about the art but about the artist. A static piece of art is great to look at but it is in the details of how we create that is the most rewarding to not only the creator but to the viewer.

We tend to only show others the end result instead of the great stuff that is in the process.

So, I encourage you to find ways to share more about your process and share your experience with the viewers of your work. I truly believe they would develop a deeper appreciation for your art seeing how you do what you do.


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