B&W Artisan Pro Panel

Have you ever edited a photo completely different than your go-to workflow? I mean, completely different?

Well, I have for some of my latest edits and I did it with Joel Tjintjelaar’s B&W Artisan Pro panel. I have often kept away from PS add-ons that dealt with luminosity and tonal values but since I have been studying the two a lot more lately I felt more comfortable to give it an honest effort and I am absolutely thrilled with the product and its capabilities.

So, what was the difference in my workflow?

Nothing was done in PS other than using it to access the B&W Artisan Pro panel. That means no levels, no curves, no adjustment layers, no masking, and no dodge & burn techniques. Everything was done with the panel utilizing its ability to target specific tonal values to create contrast in selected areas and increase sharpness within the image.


No sharpening effect was used.

This was a biggie for me since I have always applied sharpening as one of my last steps in an edit however, I am really trying to work on using contrast in tonal values to give the image the sharpness without adding an effect. Plus, we don’t naturally see things with nice crisp edges anyway.

Want to improve your editing?

If you are into black and white editing and want to take it to another level I highly suggest the B&W Artisan Pro panel. You do need a little upfront understanding of luminosity masking and the tonal zones but if you put a little effort into increasing your education in these areas, I am certain it will open doors that will lead you to improving your editing all-together. Color or black and white.

Do something you have never done before.

If you don’t try something new you’ll never know.


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