What Am I Doing To Make A Better Image?
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One of the areas I want to improve on this year has nothing to do with honing my skills on the camera or learning new tips to make my editing process easier or to improve it.

So, what is it then?


Something I don’t often have especially in photography. I am quick to shoot and quick to edit which is not a bad thing and I don’t feel less of an artist because of my current ways but I feel a tug that is telling me that if I learn to slow down my images can become even better.

One of the black and white photographers that is a influence to me currently, Julia Anna Gospodarou, says in her eBook that she might take weeks before she edits that

This process may take hours or you may even need to leave the images for days or weeks untouched so you can detach yourself emotionally from them, but it is a very important step and it should not be sped up. The most important thing in making the right choice is to be objective, because only by being objective can you experience the emotion of the image the way the viewer will experience it and be able to create something that has an effect on someone other than you.
— Julia Anna Gospodarou

Now, my patience might not develop into ‘weeks’ as Julia stated but I know that my run-and-gun approach could probably use some adjusting so to do that in hopes of making better images I have incorporated the following into my editing workflow.

  1. Taking as much time as needed to complete the edit. Thoroughly reviewing the image for tonal contrast and tonal range and making the adjustments needed to convey what I envisioned with the photo. Note, recently I spent, not all at once, 4-5 hours editing an image.

  2. Taking a break at least once from editing the image. A couple of times that meant not coming back to the edit until the next day and when you do this you have a chance to see the image different than the time before and notice something that you missed especially if you did the edit all at one time.

At this point, I am very pleased with how patience is becoming more intertwined in how I approach editing and I am certain I will continue to see the results.

So, do you apply patience consistently in what you do in your craft? If so, I would love to hear about your positive results so please comment below.


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