Those Silver Tones
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I love a black and white photo that has those silver tones that just make the image pop and I am always looking for ways in my editing to bring that out in all my images no matter what the subject is. The tone is subtle but it is often the small details that you put on you images that become your style and signature.

There are many ways in which to try and achieve it. The use of levels, curves, and dodging & burning which are all in my workflow and indeed help but currently my last step in my editing workflow takes me back into Silver EFX Pro 2 where I apply the Selenium toning effect under the Finishing Adjustments panel.

I have found that at this point this step gives me the closest result that I am striving for and by applying it to each image that I edit that silver tone becomes a part of the look and feel of my images no matter how subtle it may be.

So, what is the last editing step for you that puts the final touches on your image?


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