What’s My Return On Investment?
Epcot-0001-Brian Suman Photography.JPG

I think in anything we do, we want to improve. Grow. Have affirmation that our efforts are returning something. It’s that return on investment thing.

This past week I decided to re-edit a photo of the Epcot center (image above) that I had taken a couple of years ago. The original edit (image below) was done in black and white which was my original intention with the shot however, if you compare the two there are some obvious differences.

  1. Tonal Contrast

    One key ingredient to a good black and white image is the contrast between tonal values. In the original edit there is not enough contrast between the background and the structure creating a ‘flat’ look.

  2. Focal Point

    Not to be confused with the focus point of the camera but where you intend the viewer to look. Where do you want their eyes to be drawn to when they look at the photo? Plus, the additional negative space doesn’t work in this shot either causing the viewer’s eyes to bounce back and forth.

  3. Dimension

    Photos are two-dimensional so as an artist with software we have the ability to create dimension where it doesn’t exist. We can dodge and burn to adjust luminoscity and tonal values creating shape and interest that can help engage the viewer.

This photo wasn’t the best one I have taken and this post is not about ‘look at me’. We all can get caught up in feeling like we are not growing as an artist but if we stop and look back, or maybe re-edit a photo, we might just see some serious improvements.

If we keep doing and digging into knowledge of our craft there will be a return. A return that might just surface and really surprise you one day.



Disney World 2017-0080-Brian Suman Photography.JPG



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