Do I Use A Black & White Preset?
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I am a big fan of presets. I use them when importing my images into Lightroom and if there are options to save a preset or recipe in software such as NIK Collection or Topaz Labs, I definitely use them to my advantage. I think it is smart to look for ways to make your editing time more efficient and presets do just that.

However, you probably know as you read this that no one preset works for every image and it might not even work well with images from the same series if you just globally apply one. So. you still end up tweaking it to your liking. In the end, it is still probably a time saver and definitely worth exploring the options. Create your own or find many for sale online.

So, do I use a black & white preset currently in my editing workflow? Yes, I do use Silver EFX Pro from the NIK Collection to give me a neutral black and white image and then from there I allow the vision and image to dictate where I take it from there. While in Silver EFX and before returning to Photoshop for the creative editing, I do use control points to balance or add to a tonal zone which will be covered in more detail in another blog post on my editing steps.

You don’t need either NIK or Topaz to give you a black and white base to work with since there are many options to convert an image in both Lightroom and Photoshop however, I prefer the additional control if needed from the first two.

I would love to hear what you use in your black and white workflow so please leave a comment below.

Happy editing!


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