Creative Suffocation

 Don’t let good turn bad.  

Roebling Bridge-0002-Brian Suman Photography-Edit.jpg

You often don’t think that something good or positive can become a negative but it eventually can. When this happens, our creativity suffers and we hit that wall of un-inspiration or we feel a loss of direction. We feel like our creative spirit is suffocating.

For me, preventing this is high priority and the way I have listed 3 ways I approach it.

  1. Limit your time on social media: Not always easy to do but well worth it. Not focusing so much on what others are posting and doing rebuilds your self-esteem plus we do need time to just create from the heart and not from other outside influences.

  2. Know your strengths: Take the CliftonStrengths test to find out yours. Once you know what your strengths are you can then understand how they can become a weakness which can help take the air out of your sails. For me, achiever and discipline are two of my strengths so when I drive hard to try and create all the time frustration happens and the suffocation begins.

  3. Explore something new: I think the biggest thing here is not only to try something different within your craft but to try a different creative outlet all-together. I blog, shoot video, and podcast which gives me a chance to take a needed break from creating all the time in photography. Even photo journaling has brought air back into my photo efforts and rejuvenated my spirits.

More random thoughts to come.



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