Corn, Windmills, & The Mississippi River.

Our Trip From Oregon to Ohio

Day 3

We got up Saturday morning in Lincoln, Nebraska ready for our last leg of our journey. Even though we lacked rest and spending another long day in the cab of a truck was in front of us, we were full of energy and ready to roll.

One of the neatest things to see on a trip like this is how the landscape changes. It’s almost as it sneaks up on you. One minute your driving through cuts in the rocks of the Earth, touching the clouds, and then you all of a sudden say, “look at all that corn!”.

Fields of cows, corn, and windmills seem to have popped everywhere once we entered Iowa and stayed in our sights through Indiana. Also at times, we felt as if we were storm chasers but managed to miss a lot of the more severe weather and just experienced moderate rainfall.

On what was a stop to switch out who was driving, we randomly picked an exit that just so happened to be on the M-i-s-s-i-s-s-i-p-p-i River. Also, the home of the Antique Archaeology (American Pickers) in Le Claire, Iowa. We thought about stopping and seeing if they wanted to pick anything in our truck but we decided maybe we’ll go back another time. Our 40’ foot vessel probably wasn’t suited to navigate the streets of this quaint, little town anyway so back on the expressway we went.

The rest of the trip went fairly smooth until the road construction on I-74 in Indiana made driving the big rig quite the challenge especially at night. Nonetheless, through miles of orange barrel obstacle courses and high winds pushing in on our sails, we pushed on through and arrived in Hamilton at 11:30pm Saturday night.

41 hours of travel time in 3 days.

Thanks again for all the prayers and the text messages checking in on us along the way. We laughed, we meowed, and we talked about so many things but one thing is for sure. Although it was exhausting, it will be a memory we will keep forever and I am sure it will be something we will talk about often when we ask one another…

“Remember when we drove across the country?"

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