So what does keyboard actions have to do with photography or content creation?

We all learn by emulating other artists or we ‘steal like an artist’ as Austin Kleon’s book states but at what point does copying (what someone else does) and pasting (doing exactly what someone else does) into our style begin to hurt us? How far do we let the pendulum swing doing what everyone else is doing?

Don’t get me wrong, this is not about not finding inspiration and knowledge from other artists however on social media there seems to be such a movement to find the ‘magic bean’ that will propel us to stardom. Push us to success.

This all at the cost of losing or not finding ourselves as artists because our efforts are made up more of doing what someone else is doing and not what we are naturally moved to do.

We need input and we don’t learn how to do something unless we seek to find how someone else is doing it but we should all be cautious not to allow emulating to take over our creative efforts.

Steal like an artist but create like YOU.