Comparison Robs Your Creativity

Comparison Robs Your Creativity

There are times when you need to fast or abstain from something.

Your working too much and you need to turn it all off so you can re-coop or spend more time with family. You work out everyday and your body just needs a break. Or there is social media and we all know we can’t always keep up that frantic pace it takes to take it all in and keep up with the Joneses.

For me, as a photographer I love Instagram and other social platforms not only to see images for influence but to share what I capture along my journey however as much as I love it there is a price to pay. First, the price is my confidence that what I am doing is not good enough as I begin to compare what others can do or to what I aspire to be like in experience. I know, we have all been told to not compare and just focus on being you but sometimes that’s hard. We are human. We will compare.

The second form of payment is that my creativity suffers. I try to emulate to learn and so that I can put that techniques in my ‘toolbox’ but I also may begin to emulate too much and I begin to steer away from my own creative process. I begin to move away from where my passion and intuition is leading me. The price is that I stall. I flounder. I stop creating.

Balance is key to anything we do and your creative process is not an exception. Take a break. Focus on your style, your passion and turn off all that is around you and I am confident that your reward of finding you and the passion to create will pay you back in joy and purpose.

Be great. Create.