Collaboration, Inspiration, & Matt Hoffman
Deeper Roots Coffee


This past week, I had the awesome privilege to meet Matt Hoffman from Deeper Roots Coffee. He reached out to Logan Powell and I and asked if we wanted to collaborate and see what we could come up with creatively since we all shared the same interests for photography, video, and coffee. Not only did we get some good photos and video but most important, we started relationships that will continue to inspire.


There is nothing like being apart of something bigger. To work together as a team and feel the synergy that keeps you going long after the session is over. We can dig deep inside to find our own inspiration but to feel the energy of someone else charged up about creating is infectious. 

Matt Hoffman

Please check out Matt on social media and what he is doing creatively. He has a super passion to create and I am assured you will feel his emotion in his work. 

Matt on YouTube

Matt on Instagram

Blog photo credits: Matt Hoffman