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Why I Do What I Do

I have always considered myself to be a creator. From childhood, I would draw for hours and even though I never made anything successfully out of pencil and paper it allowed me to get my imagination out of my head and onto something tangible.

From then, I have chased after my dream to be a creator and had hoped that one day it would be something I would do full-time. Through the years, I have played music including writing original songs, provided “graphic design” support to various organizations, and now spend all my creative energy on photography and video.

Creating was something I wanted to do when I grew up.

Something that I want to do all grown up.

Sure, I wanted to be a super hero, a truck driver, a rock star, and a CEO of a successful company through my years but just being able to express myself and what I am passionate about has deep roots in my soul. It drives me everyday and my mind races constantly to figure it all out.

Today, I still don’t have all the answers and there are those things that I won’t be but there is one thing that I now know that I want to be when I grow up…

That’s ME.

The authentic person and creator that I am that worries less about the end goal and relishes in the process of just creating. To be successful at being me and continue to strive to be a better version of myself.

To do things I have never done before.

To bring my imagination to life.

I encourage you to chase after your dreams and enjoy every step of your creative process. Let the unique you show through in all that you do.

Be you.

Imagine. Capture. Create.