Does Discipline Create Desire In Creativity?
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“Discipline creates desire” is one of my favorite quotes.

It rings so true for me personally in so many areas of my life from work to fitness and lots of times we associate discipline with positive motives.

Eating clean.

Working out at the gym.

Praying regularly.

Etc. etc. etc.

However, disciplines can be exercised in a negative way and the one area that can hurt us as creatives is the discipline we construct of not creating. The more we don’t create, the more we ultimately desire not to do it. Okay, maybe we don’t consciously make a decision to not create but the more we don’t the easier it gets to not push yourself to do so.

Some believe that creativity can’t be forced or ‘scheduled’ but I disagree a bit. We grow when where challenged or pushed outside our comfort zone and sometimes we need to push ourselves out of the comfort of not doing.

If you are in a slump or have created that desire to not create, I challenge you to step out of that comfort zone and let discipline create that desire again.


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