What If You Don't Have Inspiration To Create Today?
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This is a feeling we fear as a creator.

The lack of inspiration to create.

Most times, it’s balance in our life that throws us off course. Maybe it’s an emotional stress that takes hold of our thoughts and when that happens creating can quickly become a low mental priority.

It could also come at the cost of creating too much or too often and you just run out of creative steam to keep the content flowing so what do you do?

It would be easy for me to say just keep creating… keep digging regardless but that is not healthy and there is no cookie cutter answer for each of us. Sometimes we just need a break. A breather. A sabitical.

So, what if you don’t have inspiration to create today?

I will be very transparent and say that this used to happen to me often and pushing myself to move forward as a creator and my driven personality are usually the culprits but I have found one way to help put my creative world into balance.

The answer is to diversify and not place all your creative energy into one niche. I take photos. I blog. I shoot video. I podcast. Maybe I’ll stay a Jack of all trades and a master of none but one thing is certain. Having more choices when I hit a dead end in a certain area helps to keep me balanced and has greatly increased my daily inspiration to create.

Everyone has a formula that is unique to them.

Experiment with new things.

Do something you have never done before.

Find your balance.


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