Learning To See In Black and White
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This has been both an exciting and challenging week for me. The excitement has been that I decided the genre of black and white photography will be my primary focus this year and I will dig deep into resources so I can learn and develop my skill as much as possible.

The challenge is, I need to see in black and white and view the world in ‘tonal zones’. Sounds kind of technical, and it is, but a great black and white photo is far more than just desaturating the colors. It is about tonal contrast and the use of tonal values within the image that will make it pop and draw you in as viewer. It should make you stay awhile to take in what the photo is telling you.

Sure, in a black and white photo there is no color to distract you but unless you know how to see so you can get the right image in camera and you understand how to edit them to make use of the tonal range, it will seem like just another photo with a filter applied.

I can’t wait to take this new journey and see where I go with it all but one thing is certain. I will be ‘doing something that I have never done before’ somewhere along the way.

I would love to know how you approach black and white photography and what resources you find helpful so please comment below. Below is a list of resources that I am currently studying and the software that I am using to edit my black and white photos.


Topaz Labs B&W Effects

Julia Anna Gospodarou


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