Why I Blog
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Blogging has been a part of my creative process off and on over the last few years and for the last six months, I made a commitment to stick with it consistently.

Not to make myself write just for the sake of writing, but to do it long enough to try and answer some questions that need answered for the long-haul. Below is just a few of them.

Do I enjoy writing?

What do I want to share and communicate to the reader?

Do I feel blogging is integral in my creative process and do I want it to be a part of my brand as a photographer?

So many decisions are based on quick reactions without investing our time to either thoroughly investigate or try something long enough to make a logical decision on whether it is for you or not. With blogging this time around, I wanted to make a serious effort to make the best decision for me.

Even though I don’t have an audience, I am going to continue blogging and use this outlet to inspire and encourage other creators by sharing behind-the-scenes of my creative ideas and my journey as a creator.

I am excited to continue this outlet of creativity and I hope that there is something that you want to do next year that will allow you the same excitement and success as a creator.


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Portrait photographer based out of Hamilton, Ohio. When not photographing people to help tell their story, I spend my time bringing my imagination to life and doing things I have never done before.

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