How To Spark That Creativity Again As A Photographer
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When I started in photography, it began with a walk with the camera. You know the feeling of excitement. Everything is worthy of snapping a shot and you have a hard time putting the camera down. Your not concentrating on a genre but merely enjoying the passionate feeling to create. 

You had just become an artist overnight. 

My photographic journey has taken me to places that I would have never believed I would have been and my focus on what to shoot keeps refining from year to year. You eventually begin to find your groove and hone in on what your eyes see. What you want to your viewers to see. 

As you focus and refine, there are times when you lose a little of that creativeness and inspiration that you once had. As artists, we often don't like to be tied down following the same rule set all the time but advancing in your genre(s) of choice will often keep you within boundaries and may limit our ability to explore.

This is where the walk comes in. Remember it? No rules, just go and shoot. My walks include going into the city but yours could be anything. Regardless, you’re using the talent you were given and there is no pressure to perform. It's about having fun.

So, why does a walk help you with creativity?

A Chance to Make Mistakes

That's right, mistakes. We all make them even though we hate them. If we simply embrace them we can learn and that helps us grow as an artist. This is the perfect time to work on composition, depth of field, or just try settings on your camera that you wanted to but chose not to try because it might not be the right choice when your on location with you client.

Editing Exploration

This maybe one of my favorites. Here is where you can take your editing in directions that are out of your comfort zone. Play with colors, filters, or simply black & white. Let this be where your palette is unlimited with choices. Even if you don't share your image, push the boundaries and you may be surprised of what you find. 

Gets You Out of Your Comfort Zone

Who wants to be uncomfortable but it there were we learn and grow? It is in that place that we find the unknown or discover things that we wouldn't have went looking for. When we are stuck in in our genres we get comfortable but we need the walk to take us somewhere else. 

So, the next time you find yourself it that rut or feeling a little uninspired go for a walk with your camera.


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