What’s Your Niche?
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So, what is your niche? Have you found your specialty in the creative world?

For me, I keep searching. Maybe I am just overlooking what it is or maybe being a jack of all trades prevents me from finding it. Maybe I don’t want to accept what it is I am really good at and take it to the next level because it isn’t so glamorous.

There are countless articles and videos of ‘experts’ telling you to find that niche and dedicate the majority of your time to it for the best chance at success and that all makes sense.

I think we do gravitate towards a niche naturally. But, do we give our all to it when we gravitate in that direction or are we too quick to move onto something else? Do we stick? Do we dig? Do we persevere through all the other inputs in the world that tells us to keep searching and not commit to that natural desire?

We can only answer the questions for ourselves.

I admire those that seem locked in on ‘their niche’ and continuing to advance in it. I hope one day I find mine but until then I will be a master of none and just enjoy creating.


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