Why I Like and Don't Like Twitter
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I have always been one to engage in the various social media platforms over the years however, Twitter is one I have had the hardest time staying engaged in consistently.

Over the last few weeks, I made a personal commitment to engage in the platform for at least 30 days on a daily basis. I know 30 days probably isn’t long enough to make a long-term decision to keep engaging on Twitter but it’s better than I have committed to before.

So, as my 30 days is about to expire here are my Likes & Dislikes.


Twitter Lists: If you following many accounts this is a great tool to filter your feed to specific topics and users. Don’t bother trying to keep up with the main feed… use lists.

Punctual Tweets: Limiting your characters of your text forces you to make your point in less words and use links to drive you to the content if interested.


Cannot edit tweets: No more to say.

More of my peeps are not on the platform: I know, not Twitters fault but it still seems to be a platform that doesn’t entice all especially if you are not a business or trying to promote a personal brand as a hobbyist in your craft.

All-in-all, I really do like the platform and after these 30 days I think I am going to stick around. I enjoy it’s fast-paced tempo of information, what the platform offers, and it’s uniqueness.

I would love to hear what your likes and dislikes are and if you have any suggestions on how to better engage on Twitter so please comment below.

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