3 Tips For A Successful Action Plan
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I have put out a fair amount of content lately geared around creating an action plan as a creative for the upcoming year. I believe that this is important whether you are a hobbyist just starting out or semi-professional. Businesses do it to support their vision and mission and you have a business whether you acknowledge it or not. The business of creating and the vision to grow as an artist.

So, what are the keys to a successful action plan? Below are my 3 tips.

1. Keep it simple

This is especially key if you have never created one for yourself. You don’t want to keep it so simple that you never challenge yourself but you also don’t want to add so much that it becomes unrealistic to accomplish everything. Remember, you still have work/life balance to consider and not accomplishing things has its negative effects on how we view our success.

2. Dedicate time to review

Carve out one day a month to review your plan and keep the time to review no more than one hour. You’'ll find as you get more comfortable with the process the amount of time you spend on it will decrease.

3. Accountability partner

This may be the most important one. You need someone to help keep you on task and challenge you in a healthy manner. When you do it by yourself you may have a tendency to procrastinate or not follow through. Find someone that shares the same interests creatively because they will have a general understanding of the details in your plan and may have been through the same experiences or challenges.

I would love to hear about your experiences with an action plan and what has been your tips for success so please leave a comment below.


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