When I Hit The Wall!
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Today is that day for me!

As creators, we all have had one (Okay, probably more than one). The day we hit a wall and we don’t feel so creative or we lack inspiration. It sucks, and to be slightly dramatic here by this statement, it makes me feel that I have failed for the day.

My drive pushes me to need to achieve and create content daily which is driven by being a creative person and being influenced by my five strengths…

Achiever, analytical, focus, discipline, & responsibility.

Knowing my strengths, and how they steer me on a daily basis, doesn’t help alleviate the feeling if I just don’t have a creative idea. But I can turn it around as a positive to know why my drive can take me to the wall and understand that I didn’t ‘fail’ for the day.

If you have never taken the Gallup’s Strengths Finders test I highly encourage you to. Why? Because our strengths impact everything we do in life especially in our creativity. So, when you stand there facing the wall you might have a better understanding of why you are there.


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