My Top Influencers In 2018?
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At the end of a each year, I reflect on what I accomplished, or didn’t, and I establish plans on what I want to accomplish in the upcoming year.

However, in the past I didn’t really think of the influencers in those last 12 months. Those that had an impact on choices that I made or were pivotal in a fundamental change in my direction creatively.

Below is a list of key individuals that pushed me to new heights and moved me outside my comfort zone.

Andrea Tappero

Why: Accountability, Encouragement, Spirituality

My girlfriend has been with me every step of the way this year. She has kept me focused when things were a blur and believed in me when I lost belief in myself. She told me “you can” when I felt defeated and she remained consistent in her message to me… “you do have a story to tell”. The most important influencer you can have is an accountability partner and I am blessed to have her influence in my life.

Peter McKinnon

Peter on YouTube

Why: Photo & Video

This guy just kills it on being authentic, sharing his knowledge, and working the camera no matter if it’s photos or video. From the moment I stumbled on his YouTube channel, it opened up the vision for me to use video to share my story and I haven’t looked back. I wouldn’t have shot what video I have to this point without his influence.

Casey Neistat

Casey on YouTube

Why: Chasing your dreams, work ethic as a creator, using your platform to positively impact a community

Casey’s story is amazing on how he got to where he is today. He made it on never giving up on his dreams and he holds back nothing when it comes to sharing. If you only watch a few of his vlogs, you can’t miss his passion for what he does as he builds a community of creators. His move to open his creative studio, 368, influenced me to step out and begin my vision for Imagine. Capture. Create (ICC).

Gary Vaynerchuk

Why: Documenting your life, business, marketing

You probably either love GaryVee or you don’t. His approach is very direct but his content is solid and he deeply believes in what can make you successful. He has made me re-think my whole approach to what and how I share on social media and to just ‘document’ my life without getting caught up on how perfect the content is. He encouraged me to stop worrying about what others think of me and my content and just ‘do’.

After reading this, I encourage you to reflect on your last year and those that influenced your life. Those individuals that encouraged you to step outside the box or try something that you have never done before. Make plans next year to build on that momentum and continue to learn from them and more.

 So, who are your influencers?


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