Do I Provide Value?
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Leading up to 2018, I hit a turning point where I wanted to take my creativity in a whole new direction.

I needed more.

Having a photography business has been so rewarding. I know the work that I provide my clients has value - but there was something missing.

I wanted to tell more of a story with my camera and my creativity. Not that I couldn’t take compelling images that need no words, but I wanted to use the lens to share my experiences and struggles to encourage others. I wanted to collaborate, build a community of artists, and give back to others by helping them share their stories.

I desired to give all of me.

When we think of our purpose it’s easy to think about ‘me’ and what I am to accomplish while we are here on this Earth. But isn’t our purpose something bigger? To live in community with one another by supporting and encouraging each other along our journeys?

We all have so much value to offer. If you are reading this and you still have doubt that you do, I encourage you to try sharing your experience and encouraging those around you. Do it through your lens, pen your thoughts, or start a podcast and use your voice.

The unique you has so much value so step out and share it.


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Portrait photographer based out of Hamilton, Ohio. When not photographing people to help tell their story, I spend my time bringing my imagination to life and doing things I have never done before.

Imagine. Capture. Create.