Instagram Stories or YouTube?
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Even though I am still trying to figure out where video falls into the mix as a creative outlet or means to communicate my message, I still go back-and-forth with what platform to post videos.

Yeah, YouTube is the mega for video content and that’s where it’s happening right now video-wise but IG stories have their place also. Both give your audience a chance to connect with you personally and you don’t have to have any different gear no matter what your choice is. Both a plus.

But there are some differences.

Vertical vs. Horizontal.

24 hours vs. as long as you leave it uploaded.

Same amount of editing time but do you spend that time for a short-term viewing experience or a long-term recording of your story.

Well, I think there is a place for both but it does come down to return on investment (ROI) and, where is your audience?

For me, I don’t have much of a YouTube audience and I have no plans on wanting to be a YouTuber, part or full time. Those that I engage with in a community reside in our Facebook group and we are also connected on Instagram as well. Most of those are not on YouTube, or at least we are not connected there, so if I want to add value and share experience and encourage others, I need to share where my community hangs out.

These thoughts are not just for me but for anyone who wants to tell their story or create awareness on social media. Find out where your peeps hang out and take another step to create deeper engagement and relationships and no matter if it’s vertical or horizontal, short or long-lived, the return will exceed the investment.

So, what is the answer for you? Instagram stories or YouTube?


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