This Has Been A ‘Banner’ Year!
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Ok, some play on words going on there with the title but with producing more than 150 sports banners for Edgewood High School in 2018 I felt it was fitting.

This was my third year with this great opportunity and I couldn’t be more blessed. The EHS organization is outstanding to work with and is always looking out for the best for their students. It has been cool to see the athletes each season get excited about the large banner with all the fun poses and believe me, there have been some creative poses.

Not only has it been personally rewarding but it has benefited me in photography technically by giving me repetition not only in regards to the camera but in lighting setups and editing workflow. It has also taught me how to think more efficiently which is always valuable no matter what the project is.

Sometimes it may look like just more banners on the outside but on the inside there is always learning happening.


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