Why You Shouldn't Be Scared Of Sony Camera Menus
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I know, we have probably all heard the debates or complaints that the Sony camera menus are a navigation nightmare but I am here to tell you. Even though they do offer so many more options than I was used to with my Canon (and I thought even the 5D MKIII had quite the menu) there is nothing to be scared of.

Personally, if you have had any experience shooting with a Canon and dove into the menu settings to get the most out of your camera you will be just fine jumping over to Sony. Just be patient and do a little bit of research online or in the manual and take a deep breath.

There are more choices with a Sony camera but who doesn’t want to have more options so that you can customize your settings to match the way you want to shoot?

Bottom line, don’t be scared and make the switch if a Sony system is the right choice for you.


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