What’s Your Workflow?

No matter how complex or simple, we all have a process by which we edit the photos we take. It may not come to you at first but you eventually settle on the same, if not similar, steps to produce your vision.

Making my decision to pursue my passion for black and white photography has me developing a whole new workflow which is exciting. It challenges me and creates many opportunities to learn new things.  

It is also expanding my vision for a workflow that includes how I see a potential shot, camera settings, and eventually the steps in software that will bring my imagination to life. It is like re-learning everything all over again and that is super exciting. 

Eventually, I plan to create a tutorial on how I approach black and white photography once I land on a repeatable process that works for me but in the meantime I would love to hear your thoughts on how you approach your editing.

So, what’s your workflow?


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