Behind the Scenes - Espresso

Part of the mission of ICC is to bring creative people together for collaboration no matter what your craft is. Maybe a writer connects with a photographer and together a blog is born. Maybe a graphics designer connects with someone needing their service and a logo is created. Maybe we just encourage each other to keep taking steps towards our goals and we get the blessing to see one another achieve things we never knew we could.

This week, I had a chance to collaborate with Logan Powell and we tried to capture some imagination with our cameras and an expresso machine (we do love our coffee). As always, you set out with an open mind and see where the process takes you and most of just have fun doing what you love to do.

I encourage you to collaborate with another artist if you haven't before. Think outside the box and create something you have never envisioned before. Push the limits into an uncomfortable zone because we know it is there we have the chance to grow.

Below, I included a few images of what we captured the other night.