Becoming A Creative Pastor

Becoming A Creative Pastor

Becoming a creative pastor wasn’t even on my radar. But that is usually is how it goes when God makes His move in your life.

For the last couple of years, I have been praying and thinking on how I could use my talents to serve and to be honest, I was looking at it with blinders on. I focused more on how I could use my photography to bring awareness to a cause or take pictures that would tell someone’s story or testimony.

So, as I prayed and thought about it, I continued to follow my heart and kept creating which became more than just photography. Blogging, podcasting, and video became a part of who I am as a creator and branding and marketing became a consistent study of mine. Graphics design started to work into my mix but even then, I still wasn’t sure where it was all going. It just didn’t seem like a business model that I could sell without more experience and I started to lose photography clients because of it.

But, it still felt right so I ‘kept going’ not realizing God was setting the stage.

See, God has bigger plans for us that we often can’t see. We look through a narrow lens but He see all. He lights our path and if we allow the Spirit’s nudge to be encouragement and strength to take the steps, it is certain that what is revealed is the unimaginable.

It’s still all too new to me but I plan to lean into God, continue to pray, and create like He created me to be.

Allow Him and He will.