Facebook Group Creator Spotlight - Angela Hinton

If you aren't following Angela Hinton on Instagram you should check out her gallery of work that includes her artistic expression on nature and the city of Cincinnati. Her crisp editing style compliments her diverse portfolio and will highlight future images she captures traveling and chasing her dream to be a NatGeo photographer.

A big thanks to Angela for taking the time to answer a few questions and share a little about her journey as an artist.

Check out her work on IG and Facebook.


1. How were you inspired to take an interest in your craft?

I have always been interested in art/photography but was always working and so I never made the time to be creative. Then when I lost both of parents, a switch went off and told me that it was time to slow down and enjoy life since we are not promised a tomorrow. So I saved up and purchased my first DSLR and started practicing and learning my craft.

2. Which of your creative accomplishments gave you the most satisfaction, and why?

Being featured on social media is an amazing feeling, however what I consider my greatest accomplishment (thus far) is when someone says “I want to display ‘your’ art in/on my home/office/website!” It’s also a wonderful feeling when someone compliments your artistic eye and I was also very humbled when a local gallery invited me to display/sell my art.

3. Where do you feel most creative, and are there any environments which lowers your productivity?

I feel most creative in the Autumn. It may sound strange naming a whole season, but I honestly feel like I come alive creatively. I would also say that nature in general really inspires me.

4. Have you ever worked directly with clients and if so, how?

Senior/family portraits, website content/photography

5. What's the last thing you learned that you felt was a game-changer?

Using speed lights (Thanks, Brian Suman)

6. What one thing would you like to learn to bolster your creativity?

I just want to continue to develop and grow as an artist. I try not to measure myself against other photographers. I take my time and therefore feel like I enjoy my craft more.

7. Who are your current influencers?

Chris Burkard, Frans Lanting, Paul Nicklen, Peter Hurley, Ami Vitale

8. Where do you want to take your craft in the next year? How do you see yourself using your talents over the next 5 years?

My ultimate dream would be to travel as a NatGeo photographer. I obviously have a long way to go, but I aspire to travel more within the next five years to places that I have never been before and step outside of my comfort zone.

9. How do you manage work/life balance and find time to work on your craft?

That’s a tough one that I am still learning. Stay tuned!

10. Do you find yourself wanting to include others in your desire to grow as an artist? How would you like to collaborate with others?

I am open to collaborating with anyone as I believe that’s how we learn and grow.

11. How do you define your personal success?

I define success by how much I can impact someone else’s life. Be it through my art, or a kind gesture. If I made someone smile then that is success to me.