Am I Qualified?

Will I ever feel like I am qualified as a creator?

Do we ever feel qualified in what we seek to do? I know, I envy those that appear to have made a success at what they do and are extremely talented (qualified) at it but I know they must have, or had, the same feelings.

As a creative person, we constantly face the voices that tell us we are not qualified so why do it at all. Why try?

I pen this blog not only to share my thoughts today but to also publicly declare that I am going to pursue co-authoring a book based on the content of the Imagine. Capture. Create. podcast. Something I have never done before and truthfully have no clue where to begin but I will apply faith and perseverance to see it to some end.

We may never become qualified completely in all things that we pursue but we are ‘qualified’ to take the next step on the path where our hearts lead us.  


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