3 Tips For Creators When Your Traveling

Find what works for you when traveling that aids in creating content and lets you enjoy the trip.

Over the last few years, I have tried everything from taking all my main gear on a trip expecting to snap that perfect iconic shot to vlogging the entire time so that I could have a video to cherish the memories. Both ways served their purpose and produced great results but in the big picture it didn’t seem like a good balance for me. A balance that should allow me to be in the moment of the trip and not miss key moments with family and friends. So, on this last trip out West to Washington and Oregon I decided to mix it up a bit and approach creating content a bit different than times before. What I found was the balance I was looking for. Time to create, time to spend time with loved ones, and time to see the sites all around me.

So, what worked for me?

  1. Carry little when it comes to your main gear. I did pack all I could in my Pelican case for the trip so I would be as best prepared but in the end, I only carried my Sony a7III with a 16-35mm lens. Sure, I could have lugged around a tripod and a microphone to name a few things but I decided to go with the bare essentials and that surprisingly worked for me. To be honest, the camera even stayed in the camera bag more than I expected but that was really due to point #2.

  2. Use your phone camera. This is something I have really embraced over the last few months. Not that I didn’t use my phone camera before, but I was hesitant to use it for social sharing. If I can be transparent, I was cautious to share iPhone photos on my social feeds because I was fixated on only sharing my best work with my best gear. As a photographer, I always want to take pictures and I realized how I was actually limiting myself by being to biased and it was robbing my joy from creating content. Using my phone camera more during my travels has actually created a spontaneity in my creativity that I was lacking and it is giving me the ability to have fun with just capturing what grabs my attention.

  3. Use Instagram stories for real-time documenting. I haven’t used IG stories consistently for personal use but it is a great tool to aid in sharing your story. So, traveling is a great story to communicate and ‘stories’ is a great option to let your followers know things about your trip. These few second snippets that you string together communicate your travels and keep your followers engaged.

We all are wired differently and create in unique ways but one common ground is we are always looking for ways to balance our creativity and stay efficient. Traveling is not only fun but it can also be a great teacher.

Happy travels!