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3 States, 2 Cats, & 1 Bumpy Road

Our Trip from Oregon to Ohio

Day 1

On Thursday, October 4th, we headed off on our cross country adventure. The trip would take us from Portland, Oregon to Hamilton, Ohio. A trip that would take us 3 days consisting of 2,400 miles.

I had always wondered what it would be like to drive cross country and never knew I would get the chance. So that morning, Andrea and I plus her two cats packed up and rolled out.

3 States

Leaving Portland on I-84, we witnessed majestic landscapes on both sides of the Columbia River. I can’t wait to return to Oregon because by far, it is my favorite state that I have visited.

Our first leg of the journey took us 13 hours passing through Idaho and into Ogden, Utah landing us at a Super 8 motel. We added to the trip with 101 Cross Country Travel Questions for a road trip and some dance and ‘80’s music.


2 Cats

Even medication and calming spray to relax the two of them, wouldn’t stop Marley from taking a poop in her carrier within the first two blocks of our trip. We then knew when our first stop would be... now. 

All in all, Colt and Marley were troopers and were so ready to roam the hotel room later that night. 

1 Bumpy Road

More excitement happened somewhere in Idaho when a jarring action began to shake both the U-Haul and the car hauler so much that we had to slow down to a very slow speed for miles. After stopping in the rain a few times and checking everything out, we determined that it was just the not-so-smooth highway causing the issue. Still, no fun to worry about breaking down in the middle of nowhere.