Photoshop Tip - Color Your Layers

Photoshop Tip - Color Your Layers

If you are like me and after you have spent a considerable time in Photoshop, you begin to look for ways to make your workflow effective as well as organize your layers. The organization of layers often returns value in a visual way as you begin to name layers and group 'like' adjustments. It also is very beneficial to manage names and groupings if you are going to be handing off your files as templates for other photographers to use or even if you are working with other graphic designers. One more way that you can take it even further is to add a color to a layer. This, to me, is the best visual indicator when you want to see layers as groups especially on very large files that contains more layers than a standard edit, if there is such as thing.

In my example below, I have a layer I named 'brush' that I would like to apply a color to.


Now, hold down the 'control' key on the keyboard and click on the 'brush' layer. Once the dropdown menu is displayed navigate to the color section and choose the color of your choice.


Once the color is selected the layer will now display the selected color.


Adding color to a layer is fairly simple and I hope find this tip useful. Sometimes we get caught up in learning all the big things in Photoshop that we miss the little things that can help us navigate through an image each and every time we edit.

Remember, never stop learning and keeping fueling the creative process.

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