Behind the Scenes Shots - Why Do It?

The definition of behind the scenes is 'out of sight of the public at a theater or organization'

As a photographer, we might not be at a theater or an organization during our sessions but we are out of sight of the final image. So, we appreciate the #bts shots just as much as the client likes taking them. They can be viewed as not only enjoyment but as a way to critique yourself and even gain insightful tips and inspiration when viewing what other photographers are posting. 


Image captured by Micki Richards.

The following three points are why I think behind the scenes shots should be apart of every session.

1. Client Engagement

Based on experience, parents love to take BTS shots. They feel like they are more apart of the session and they will share the experience through social media while it is all happening. The parents have been integral in the process up to this point and what better way to keep that momentum going throughout the entire process. They have fun with it and make sure you ask them to share. 

2. Marketing

Followers and potential clients are watching and this is content that is candid and popular. People have a natural tendency to want to know how things are made and photography is no different. Use this as content to advertise yourself and show everyone how you work and who you work with.

3. Followers Engagement

I have initiated conversation with other photographers and been contacted on various BTS images because people want to know how it is done or I am inquisitive and want to know. It's the real stuff... the nuts and bolts. It's the mechanics behind the image. Reality shows are popular for a reason and what better way to star in your own then with BTS. 

To keep me inspired and always learning I have listed a couple of Instagram accounts I follow so I can see the reality behind the shot. Make sure you check them out and always remember...

Image. Capture. Create.

Famous BTS Magazine

ISO 1200 BTS


Image captured by Micki Richards.