Julian Pletz - Edgewood High School Football & Soccer

Julian Pletz - Edgewood High School Football & Soccer
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It's always fun to return to Kumler Field for a photo session. In many ways it is where it all started for me. Just me, the athlete, and a camera. It's where the imagination begins and just as the athlete follows the playbook I do the same to try and create an image that draws out the personality and passion the player has for the game.

Saturday was no exception, and spending the afternoon with Julian was not only fun but a pleasure in meeting such a great young man. I had already given up sports by the time I got to high school but I have all the respect for the athlete and the amount of hard work and dedication it takes year round to be at the top of their game. 

I wish all the best for Julian as he pursues his dreams and college career and I feel blessed to be able to capture memories of him as a player. 

"Every champion was a contender that refused to give up." - Rocky Balboa

Imagine. Capture. Create.

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