Who hasn't taken a selfie? Well, there are probably a few out there that hasn't but my guess is if you have a smartphone and engage in social media you have taken the shot.

For me, the occasional selfie on Instagram is cool but I like to use the selfie to practice portrait photography and try new things. 

Brian Suman -0006-Brian Suman Photography.jpg

The selfie helps us with light and pose.


The self portrait is where you can practice lighting. Whether you use Einstein flash unit or speed lights, you can take as many shots as you need to perfect the look you are after or even try something that is outside-the-box. This is where mistakes can be made and discovery happens.


No better way to learn to pose or learn how to better direct your client in a pose then to take the selfie and feel it yourself. It's unlimited what you can do here. Who knows, maybe you discover that modeling maybe in your future. 

Practice, Practice, Practice

There is a saying that you need to at least put 10,000 hours into something to be really good at it it or in my case reach that professional level of expertise. So, when I don't have clients that are in front of the lens I do have a myself that can be available anytime for a shoot. 

Don't stop taking photos and never miss the opportunity to perfect your skills. Use what is available to you and don't let lack of gear and a model stop you from creating. Don't let it stop you from investing another hour towards your destiny as a photographer. 

So, the next time you are wondering when the next photo opportunity is going to come your way.

Take the selfie.

Imagine. Capture. Create.