It's Guest Blog Wednesday featuring Andrea Tappero!

It's Guest Blog Wednesday featuring Andrea Tappero!

It’s never too late to be what you might have been. - George Eliot


Growing up in Washington State, I had the fortune of viewing beauty every single day.  From epic mountain ranges, the deep sea of the Puget Sound inlet, Mt. Rainier, Mt. St. Helens (before and after it’s volcanic eruption), the coastal beaches of the Pacific Ocean, massive acreage thick with evergreen trees, the  dense rainforest of the Olympic Peninsula, lighthouses, ferry boats, ports, rivers, waterfalls & all kinds of wildlife.  (Except Sasquatch. I have yet to have a sighting of  that elusive creature.)  East of the Cascades are acres of orchards, agricultural farms, and a desert scape.   You name it, the Pacific Northwest has it.  For a visual person, I would call that being blessed with opportunity. 

1. Create a list of some of your favorite visual opportunities.  Inevitably, some days you will need to find inspiration.  Make a list of those places, spaces & things that you are blessed with. From majestic mountains to the finest detail of dew drops on a flower petal.  If it intrigues you, gives you joy and maybe a challenge, that is something worth writing down.  List your opportunities.

2. Feel stuck in a rut?  When the eyes of life feel blurred, adjust your focus and look at your list.   Some times we can feel like we are in a rut, or maybe we’ve lost a sense of our confidence.  When we begin to compare our work with someone else, we lose, albeit momentarily, trust in our creativity.  That person may have worked on their craft for 20 years and you’ve been at it just a few.  Remember, you have been given a gift, or talent, for a reason.   Accept that you have a gift, know your skill takes practice to hone and then share your gift with others.  There will always be someone better than you.  We don’t all start the journey at the same time or place. Remember, someone is looking at your work and wishing they could express their talent in the same way.  Adjust your focus.


3. You were created with talent, gifting's and the ability to learn.   Be authentically you and celebrate your individuality through your talent.  The other day my mother mentioned how she loves looking at the photos her father captured many years ago.  She knows at the moment that image was taken, it was through her father’s eyes, it was his creativity, his moment in time captured forever, his individuality.  She connects to him and cherishes his beautiful photography.  Be authentically you.

4. Tell your story.  Your passion for photography is a gift placed inside you for a purpose.  Activate your gift by sharing your story through every piece of art you create.  You will inspire someone.  What you have to share matters.  Being vulnerable by displaying your work is giving a gift to someone else. 


If you’re like me and you have a deep passion for photography, but you don’t have all the equipment you desire, start with what you do have.  Even if it’s your cell phone camera and free app filters.  Activate your creativity, look at your opportunities, and create your story.  It’s never too late.

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