Pinterest: The best social media tool for photographers.

Pinterest: The best social media tool for photographers.

I have to be honest, Pinterest was not a social media platform that I took interest before I began my journey in photography but it has rapidly became one of my favorites. Why shouldn't it be? It's images right? The very thing we as photographers create and admire however, it can be more than that for you and your client.

So, why should you use Pinterest?


To share ideas back-and-forth prior to your initial consultation and even up to the day of the shoot. I create a board for my client and we begin to pin many ideas to it and it quickly gives me an idea of my clients style, accessories to consider, locations, and just the overall feel for the editing style to match.

Visual List

It can be your list that you can refer to on location right from your smart phone so you don't walk away and miss that 'one' shot you wanted to capture on the big day especially if it was a specific client request. 


It provides you an opportunity to have additional dialogue and interaction with your client throughout the process as well as learning more about them personally. 

If you're a photographer and you haven't been on Pinterest, I strongly suggest you give it a try. I believe you will quickly take to the advantage it can provide and before you know it you will be asking your clients, "did you pin it?".

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