Brian Suman


Brian Suman is a digital content creator using his talents in food, product, and portrait photography. Brian uses Sony and Canon cameras as well as Paul C. Buff equipment for lighting needs. Born in Hamilton Ohio, he aspired for an artistic profession like music at an early age but ended up entering the Air Force after high school eventually starting his career in operations management. This, however, could never suppress his needs for creative expression and photography became his preferred way of meeting those needs in 2015.

For Brian, photography doesn’t stop by just clicking the shutter. He continues to seek helping people to tell their story with photos or video and bringing his imagination to life through his own unique editing style. His love for writing is reflected in his The DAILYB blog covering topics on photography and the influences on his creative journey.

Brian is also the founder of the podcasts Imagine. Capture. Create., Shine Your Light, & The Adventures of Briandrea, The DAILYB and is the Staff Photographer for The Hamiltonian Magazine.

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